Counselling for Young People

Counselling for Young People

Young People’s Counselling is for any young person from the age of 10 who’s having problems. Whether it’s depression and mental health concerns or issues with parents or people at school. Talking to a Relate Counsellor can help. Watch the video below, in which Relate Counsellor Graham explains what to expect in counselling.

You can expect to be helped by a supportive and non-judgmental counsellor in one of our centres in Basingstoke, Aldershot, Bordon or Odiham or you might be able to see a counsellor in school (Relate offer a service in several local secondary schools)

You can be referred by a teacher, social worker, or you can ask to see a counsellor yourself – what you say is confidential, unless the counsellor is worried for your safety.

Our counsellors won’t make you do anything but will provide a safe and caring place to talk about anything that’s worrying you. We don’t have any magic wands but together we can help you make sense of your feelings and what is happening and what you may be able to do.

To find out more about Young People’s Counselling, and to book an appointment call 01256 338624

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