Sex Addiction

Sex Addiction

Sex addiction is a term used to describe any kind of sexual behaviour that feels out of control and is causing problems in other areas of your life. The actual behaviours vary from individual to individual. They may include pornography, chatlines, multiple affairs, use of sex workers, partner sex, fetish practices; the list is almost endless.

What is important to understand is that the behaviours in themselves are not a problem or wrong. The problem is when you have become dependent on them and can’t stop doing them even when you know it is damaging your relationships, effecting your work, causing you debt, risking your health or making you feel bad about yourself.

If you are concerned that you may have a sexual addiction click here for some questions which may help you understand what you are experiencing a bit better.

At Relate North Hampshire we have highly trained counsellors experienced in working with people that have a sex addiction. They will be able to assess you and discuss with you the best options to help.

You are welcome to attend as an individual or a couple. We can also help support you if you believe that your partner may be experiencing sex addiction.

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